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Legal Advice

Cap­ital Mar­ket Trans­ac­tions and Ad­vis­ory Ser­vices for Lis­ted Com­pan­ies

Multidisciplinary and comprehensive solutions are required for capital market transactions and when advising listed companies. Projects often need to be reliably implemented under tight time constraints. One of our main advantages is our corporate expertise and, in particular, our knowledge of the law pertaining to stock corporations and to the reorganization of companies; we link these with our experience in capital market law to provide integrated solutions. We have the know-how to effectively identify key legal risks and to develop practical solutions. When drawing up prospectuses for securities, one of our strengths lies in identifying specifically relevant information for the prospectus and formulating this information clearly and accurately.

Com­mer­cial and Dis­tri­bu­tion Law

Sales and procurement for producers, suppliers and retailers require ever more complex contractual arrangements, which need to take into account both the adjacent and overlapping areas of law such as German and European unfair competition law, as well as the increasing globalization of markets. We protect and optimize the sales activities of our clients by exploiting the possibilities of legal constructions in their favour, and by taking the industry and product line, as well as possible points of contention, into account. The specific requirements and economic considerations of our clients are our main priority. By drafting an optimal contract, we secure economic benefits for our clients and avoid risks and disputes. We are the trusted advisors for a number of well-known companies in this field, and we have a high degree of specialization and vast experience in cross-border contracts as well.

Corporate Law

Legal, tax, and business-management issues are closely interwoven within the corporate structure. A favourable provision with respect to taxation may not always be in the best interests of a client from a corporatelaw perspective. Our multi-disciplinary consulting approach thus provides a crucial advantage. Together with our clients, we develop creative solutions, thereby combining both the highest levels of legal acumen and accuracy with our longstanding legal experience of corporate structures and our knowledge and understanding of the needs of medium-sized companies.

Corporate Transactions (Mergers & Acquisitions)

Worlds sometimes collide when it comes to the purchase and sale of enterprises: Anglo-American financial investors or strategic buyers from India with those of owner-managed family businesses in the German“Mittelstand”, for instance. A high degree of sensitivity and an appreciation of the respective markets and industries involved – as well as the specific requirements of each party – are key to asserting the client’s interests during contract negotiations.

Information Tech­no­logy and In­ter­net Law

Information technology plays an essential role in any business and is an indispensable prerequisite for participation in modern business operations. As such, advising our clients on all legal matters in the development, implementation, and use of hardware, software, and complete IT systems is one of our core competencies. This also covers IT compliance, IT security as well as protection against and dealing with cyberattacks.

Insolvency Law and Restructuring

Our insolvency administrators stand for a continuation- and future-oriented insolvency administration that protects the interests of creditors as well as employees and all other parties involved in the best possible way. In addition to the entire know-how of a large commercial law firm, we also use our international network. Our interdisciplinary set-up offers an important success factor through the interplay of business administration and law.

In­tel­lec­tual Prop­erty, Com­pet­i­tion, Copy­right and Me­dia Law

The protection of trademarks, designs, and inventions is becoming increasingly important. Awareness of their value as intangible assets is growing – yet at the same time, piracy is on the increase as a consequence of open borders and growing technical possibilities. Against this background, we support our clients with integrated solutions that cover all necessary aspects both nationally and internationally. Companies are facing increasingly fierce competition, while the possibilities of advertising are becoming more diverse, and provisions of competition law are enacted more and more on a European-wide level. You need attorneys, who are able to suggest viable alternatives instead of identifying legal risks only.

Product Li­ab­il­ity Law and Qual­ity As­sur­ance

We advise corporate clients on the advantages and disadvantages of issuing a warning or product recall for defective products. We aim to avoid both liability for the payment of compensation as well as, in particular, any criminal liability of those officers and employees responsible. We carefully consider the manner in which measures to be taken will be perceived by the outside in order to limit any injury to our clients’ reputation.

Pub­lic Law, En­vir­on­mental Law, Pub­lic Build­ing and Plan­ning Law

As a result of the increasing number of laws, the role that public law plays in the economy is becoming increasingly important, whether in the legal planning development of a town’s district, or inter-regional infrastructure projects such as the building of roads or power lines; in the reviewing of environmental risks in the construction of industrial plants, or when applying for subsidies and state aid for small and medium-sized enterprises. We advise companies and public-sector authorities in all areas of public law, from strategy development and negotiation through to judicial enforcement of the interests of our clients.

Pub­lic Pro­cure­ment

There are numerous pitfalls to be avoided by public authorities when procuring goods and services under public procurement law. Likewise, for a tenderer, even the smallest error can have serious consequences, such as the non-consideration of his offer. Our experts provide reliable guidelines for contracting authorities and candidates for public procurement in all sectors.