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Birgitt Abel
Abel, Birgitt Business economist
Dr. Markus Augenschein
Augenschein, Dr. Markus Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Albrecht Bacher
Bacher, Albrecht Auditor & Tax advisor
Dr. Fabian Bader
Bader, Dr. Fabian Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Friedrich-Wilhelm Barth
Barth, Friedrich-Wilhelm Auditor & Tax advisor
Roman Becker
Becker, Roman Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Sabrina Belke
Belke, Sabrina Tax advisor
Joachim Berner
Berner, Joachim Tax advisor
Dr. Jochen Bernhard
Bernhard, Dr. Jochen Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Rudolf Bezler
Bezler, Rudolf Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Steffen Bolai
Bolai, Steffen Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Laura Bommer
Bommer, Laura Tax advisor
Nicole Brandt, LL.M.
Brandt, Nicole, LL.M. Business lawyer
Julia Braun, LL.M.
Braun, Julia, LL.M. Business lawyer
Karl-Heinz Burkhardt
Burkhardt, Karl-Heinz Auditor & Tax advisor
Giulia Castagna, LL.B.
Castagna, Giulia, LL.B. Business lawyer
Vladimir Cutura
Cutura, Vladimir Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Linda Dauser
Dauser, Linda Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Janina Dinkelaker
Dinkelaker, Janina Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Alexander Dörr
Dörr, Dr. Alexander Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Marc Ehrmann, LL.M.
Ehrmann, Marc, LL.M. Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Robert Elhardt
Elhardt, Robert Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Beatrice Fabry
Fabry, Dr. Beatrice Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Stefan Falk
Falk, Stefan Business economist
Steffen Follner
Follner, Steffen Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Hansjörg Frenz, LL.M. (London)
Frenz, Hansjörg, LL.M. (London) Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Friederike Frosch
Frosch, Friederike Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Sylvia Füssinger
Füssinger, Sylvia Tax advisor
Thomas Futterer
Futterer, Thomas Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Lea Gäbler
Gäbler, Lea Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Eliana Gaiser, LL.M.
Gaiser, Eliana, LL.M. Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Felix Gegler
Gegler, Dr. Felix Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Nesrin Genc
Genc, Nesrin Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Sarah-Marie Gerber
Gerber, Sarah-Marie Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Katharina Gösele
Gösele, Katharina Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Franziska Gottwick geb. Schube
Gottwick geb. Schube, Franziska Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Kai Florian Graf
Graf, Kai Florian Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Linda Groß
Groß, Linda Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Günther Grossmann
Grossmann, Günther Business economist
Dr. Michael Grüne
Grüne, Dr. Michael Auditor & Tax advisor
Dr. Karsten Gschwandtner
Gschwandtner, Dr. Karsten Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Tim Gühring
Gühring, Dr. Tim Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Michelle Gutjahr, LL.B.
Gutjahr, Michelle, LL.B. Business lawyer
Natalie Haas
Haas, Natalie Tax advisor
Philipp Haas
Haas, Philipp Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Roland Haberstroh, LL.M.
Haberstroh, Dr. Roland, LL.M. Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Johannes Häcker
Häcker, Johannes Tax advisor
Alexander Häcker
Häcker, Alexander Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Nico Haldy
Haldy, Nico Tax advisor
Manfred Hammer, LL.M. (Cape Town)
Hammer, Manfred, LL.M. (Cape Town) Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Melanie Hantschel
Hantschel, Melanie Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Katharina Härterich
Härterich, Katharina Tax advisor
Daniel Haug
Haug, Daniel Auditor & Tax advisor
Julia Haupeltshofer
Haupeltshofer, Julia Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Jessica Hawighorst
Hawighorst, Jessica Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Alexandra Heidelberger
Heidelberger, Alexandra Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Ann-Christin Heinemann
Heinemann, Ann-Christin Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Janina Helde
Helde, Dr. Janina Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Lisa Herbrich
Herbrich, Lisa Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Elisa Himmer
Himmer, Elisa Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Isabelle Hörner
Hörner, Isabelle Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Maike Huneke
Huneke, Dr. Maike Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Varinia Iber
Iber, Varinia Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Aris Joannidis
Joannidis, Dr. Aris Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Karsten Kayser
Kayser, Dr. Karsten Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Alexandra Kierner
Kierner, Dr. Alexandra Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Steffen Kircher, LL.M.
Kircher, Dr. Steffen, LL.M. Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Markus Kleinn
Kleinn, Dr. Markus Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Thomas Klingelhöfer
Klingelhöfer, Dr. Thomas Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Axel Klumpp
Klumpp, Dr. Axel Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Alexander Knodel
Knodel, Alexander Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Christoph Köberle, LL.M. (Stockholm)
Köberle, Christoph, LL.M. (Stockholm) Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Armin Kojic
Kojic, Armin Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Monika König
König, Dr. Monika Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Stefanie König-Rossmanith
König-Rossmanith, Stefanie Tax advisor
Dr. Stefan Königer
Königer, Dr. Stefan Tax advisor
Dr. Metin Konu
Konu, Dr. Metin Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Viviane Körner
Körner, Dr. Viviane Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Alex Kracker
Kracker, Alex Business economist
Dr. Florian Krumenaker, LL.M.
Krumenaker, Dr. Florian, LL.M. Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Lars Kuchenbecker
Kuchenbecker, Lars Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Michael Leins
Leins, Michael Tax advisor
Max Löer
Löer, Max Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Martin Mack
Mack, Martin Tax advisor
Dr. Till Mahler
Mahler, Dr. Till Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Clemens Mauch
Mauch, Clemens Tax advisor
Dr. Andreas Mayr
Mayr, Dr. Andreas Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Frank Meininger
Meininger, Dr. Frank Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Sebastian Mielke
Mielke, Dr. Sebastian Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Vivienne Mohr
Mohr, Vivienne Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Sonja Moosmann
Moosmann, Sonja Tax advisor
Alfred Morlock
Morlock, Alfred Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Jan Nehring-Köppl
Nehring-Köppl, Dr. Jan Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Carolin Nemec, LL.M. (UCC)
Nemec, Carolin, LL.M. (UCC) Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Holger Nemetz
Nemetz, Holger Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Michael Oltmanns, LL.M.
Oltmanns, Dr. Michael, LL.M. Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Sven Ort
Ort, Dr. Sven Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Martin Ott
Ott, Dr. Martin Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Valeska Pfarr, M.L.E
Pfarr, Dr. Valeska, M.L.E Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Claudia Pfefferkorn
Pfefferkorn, Claudia Business economist
Raphael Pfleghar
Pfleghar, Raphael Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Helma Pitl
Pitl, Helma Tax advisor
Dr. Guido Quass
Quass, Dr. Guido Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Patrick Radtke
Radtke, Patrick Tax advisor
Sabrina Raißle
Raißle, Sabrina Business economist
Dr. Carolin Reichert
Reichert, Dr. Carolin Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Tilman Renz
Renz, Tilman Auditor & Tax advisor
Maren Riedl
Riedl, Maren Tax advisor
Dr. Klaus-Dieter Rose
Rose, Dr. Klaus-Dieter Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Verena Rösner
Rösner, Verena Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Sarah Roßmann
Roßmann, Sarah Tax advisor
Dr. Kaja Rothfuß
Rothfuß, Dr. Kaja Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Jost Rudersdorf
Rudersdorf, Jost Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Annika Rudolph
Rudolph, Annika Tax advisor
Clara Ruppaner
Ruppaner, Clara Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Markus Schildknecht
Schildknecht, Dr. Markus Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Jan Schmeisky
Schmeisky, Jan Auditor
Jens Schmelt
Schmelt, Jens Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Martina Schmid
Schmid, Martina Tax advisor
Dr. Julia Schneider
Schneider, Dr. Julia Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Jörg Schneider-Brodtmann, LL.M.
Schneider-Brodtmann, Dr. Jörg, LL.M. Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Selina Schrade
Schrade, Selina Tax advisor
Dr. Matthias Schröder
Schröder, Dr. Matthias Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Herbert Schupeck
Schupeck, Herbert Auditor & Tax advisor
Hans-Peter Schwarz
Schwarz, Hans-Peter Tax advisor
Kathrin Seiz
Seiz, Kathrin Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Lisa Setzer
Setzer, Lisa Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Kim Socher
Socher, Kim Auditor
Julius Späth, LL.M. (LSE)
Späth, Julius, LL.M. (LSE) Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Michael Spohn
Spohn, Michael Tax advisor
Dr. Björn Staudinger
Staudinger, Dr. Björn Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Sarah Steckdaub
Steckdaub, Sarah Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Sophia Steinle
Steinle, Sophia Business lawyer
Dr. Jochen Stockburger
Stockburger, Dr. Jochen Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Uwe Theis
Theis, Uwe Tax advisor
Fabian Thumm
Thumm, Fabian Tax advisor
Ralf-Dietrich Tiesler
Tiesler, Ralf-Dietrich Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Carsten Ulbricht, M.C.L.
Ulbricht, Dr. Carsten, M.C.L. Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Lena Wende
Wende, Lena Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Dr. Frieder Werner
Werner, Dr. Frieder Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Simone Widmaier
Widmaier, Simone Auditor & Tax advisor
Felix Wolfrum
Wolfrum, Felix Lawyer (Rechtsanwalt)
Jochen Zimmermann
Zimmermann, Jochen Auditor & Tax advisor