Menold Bezler is a partnership of lawyers and notaries based in Stuttgart that provides comprehensive legal advice on all aspects of commercial law. One of our particular strengths of our firm is the focus on the "Mittelstand" - medium-sized enterprises, often family-owned. We understand the unique challenges facing these companies and identify with the goals and strategies of their owners. Our skills and resources mean we are able to authoritatively deal with the specific situations that arise in this sector. In doing so, we combine the full range of services you would expect of a large law firm with the tailored care and attention of a smaller operation.


As a full-service firm, we provide comprehensive advice on all aspects of commercial law.


Our experts provide interdisciplinary advice tailored to the needs of the sector concerned.


With around 90 lawyers and notaries, you can always choose exactly the right expert to deal with your specific issue.



Schu­lung von Auf­sichts­rä­ten kom­mu­na­ler Unter­neh­men



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