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To further strengthen international contacts, the firm has been a member of MGI Worldwide for many years now. MGI Worldwide is a network of legally independent auditors, tax advisors and consulting professionals established over 70 years ago. MGI Worldwide provides an open forum for knowledge and communication. All members retain their autonomy and continue to focus on local action and their respective portfolio of clients.

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Inclusion in MGI Worldwide is conditional on proven observance of the principles of professional training and skills, as well as compliance with uniform quality standards. The form and contents of the principles are generally governed by the professional standards applicable in the country in question as well as the standards developed by international professional associations. MGI-members guarantee high quality standards through direct involvement in all issues encountered. Members concentrate on the development of intensive client relationships based on tailored personal advice and support through local contacts.
Regular conferences, discussion groups and communications fora at the regional and international levels help establish solid personal links between members across the globe.
Clients can also rely on the same high-quality advice at the international level– thanks to the correct evaluation of the issue and the recommendation of suitable experts.

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We actively shape MGI through committee work and regular involvement in international events. In this way, we help to secure direct and personal access to our colleagues in other countries.
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Like us, our MGI-colleagues are businesspeople. The goal of the advice is to act in a financially expedient way even in an unknown environment, leveraging opportunities and avoiding risks.
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Legally independent of one another, MGI members are united through a uniformly high quality standard and their philosophy of working on an equal footing and using partnerships to develop solutions.
MGI Worldwide is a network of independent audit, tax, accounting and counsulting firms. MGI Worldwide does not provide any services and its member firms are not an international partnership. Each member firm is a separate entity and neither MGI Worldwide nor any member firm accepts responsibility for the activities, work, opinions or services of any other member firm. For more information visit