Our Values

I. Our Motivation

Menold Bezler is one of Germany’s leading commercial law firms. We take an interdisciplinary approach and are active globally, covering all fields of the law, as well as tax advice, auditing, and management consulting, as a full-service provider. Founded in 2004 with 13 partners, today, following the fusion with auditing and tax consultancy firm Prof. Dr. Binder, Dr. Hillebrecht & Partner (BHP), the firm now has more than 120 experts and almost 300 employees in total.

Our growth is built on our success and we intend to maintain this course. Our reputation places us among the best, which is why we are poised to reinforce the key success factors and to keep moving forward consistently. This demands a common set of guiding principles. The aim of this mission statement, therefore, is to outline the ethos that underpins our work and to define our corporate culture.

II. Our Val­ues

1. Good advice, pure and simple: Personalised. Interdisciplinary. Responsible. Reliable.

Personalised: At Menold Bezler, we allocate clients on an equal footing to personal advisors, all of whom have a deep understanding of their business and their concerns. Commitment, skill, and integrity are the characteristics of our client work. We will consistently and reliably take the initiative and assume responsibility to help make life easier for our clients.

Interdisciplinary: We view complex issues not as problems, but as challenges to be tackled in multidisciplinary teams. Based on solid expert knowledge and with a view for the big picture, we develop tailored solutions that take account of all relevant issues. To achieve this, we implement an interdisciplinary approach with international support, comprising a network of more than 5,200 trusted colleagues in over 90 countries.

Responsible: Our work is goal-oriented and forward-thinking. Our actions are guided by diligence and high quality. This includes both professionally outstanding work and practice-oriented, feasible solutions. Our fees are commensurate to the service provided.

Reliable: We develop solutions that are successful in the long-term. We also strive to establish lasting working relationships with our clients.


2. Simply acting with integrity: Personalised. Interdisciplinary. Responsible. Reliable.

Personalised: We communicate openly and honestly, with mutual respect for one another. We pride ourselves on our fairness and the equal opportunity structures in place at our firm. Our actions are guided by commitment, cooperation, courtesy, and trust. We always strive to provide our employees with regular, timely and comprehensive information on all relevant issues.

Interdisciplinary: The best service can only be provided through teamwork. We encourage the exchange of knowledge and experience, built on a spirit of trust, in particular in the form of active, interdisciplinary knowledge management.

Responsible: We set great store by internal cohesiveness and identification with the firm and what we stand for. We act as representatives of our firm at all times and stand by its values. At Menold Bezler, the success of each individual marks a success for the entire firm.

We know that individual life-planning and family responsibilities are a priority. Our flexible, tailored working models mean we can help our employees achieve a balance between business requirements and private needs. We foster a working environment that allows family and career to be reconciled – even in management positions. Wherever possible, we do this by means of remote and flexible work practices. We also know that long-term performance can only be achieved with regular downtime and we respect periods during which our employees are only to be contacted for urgent matters.

Reliable: Our actions are always financially viable and sustainable. As a result, we can provide job security, while at the same time offering opportunities for professional advancement. We challenge and support our employees and provide guidance when necessary. We encourage personal initiative and support independent entrepreneurial thought and actions.

III. Our Essence

We live by our values and act in line with our convictions –  not because we have to, but because we believe it is the right thing to do. Our work is personalised, interdisciplinary, responsible, and reliable. We are Menold Bezler.