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Compliance comprises all those measures implemented within companies that are designed to avoid monetary fines and exposure to compensation claims. A systematically designed and consistently updated compliance system consists, on the one hand, of preventative measures, such as educating, informing and training employees, while on the other hand monitoring internal processes within the company.

Compliance is more than just a buzzword for Menold Bezler. We minimise liability risks for shareholders and management alike - always at reasonable cost - and our clients reap the benefits of our longstanding experience with compliance systems for small and medium-sized companies.


How can we be of assistance?

We can help you devise a Code of Conduct as the legal basis for your corporate culture and to identify the key legal provisions that are of particular relevance for your company. We provide staff with training courses and behavioural guidelines that are easy to understand to help guarantee compliance in all your everyday business dealings.

If necessary, we can conduct internal investigations and compile emergency plans in the event of an inspection.

We also provide recommendations on how to optimise your internal structures and reporting methods. Through a system of open dialogue, we can help you to create a tailored compliance system, to enable you to deal easily with any legal risks you face.

Our emergency package

In the event of a search by antitrust or law enforcement authorities, people often panic. Mistakes are made in such situations. The only way to avoid them is to be well prepared for the search situation. Menold Bezler prepares you comprehensively for emergencies and provides you with the necessary documents. Our emergency kit contains the following components: Go to the emergency package

Typical projects
  • Comprehensive design of a compliance systems 
  • Ongoing compliance advice focussed on antitrust and corruption prevention
  • Devising compliance structures and employee training
  • Legal evaluation of queries from compliance divisions
  • Tax compliance including specialized solutions (e.g. VAT compliance)