Wealth and Succession

The transfer of (family) businesses to the next generation coming up or other parties can be a sensitive subject. These kinds of transfers can be effected by means of succession or as a gift. One of our great strengths lies in developing tailored provisions on succession.

Our longstanding experience working with medium-sized enterprises and the membership of our professionals on supervisory and advisory boards mean we have comprehensive knowledge of the key features of successful succession planning.


Our services include, in particular:

  • legal and tax advice on estate planning and structuring
  • business transactions and legal financial consulting
  • (corporate) succession and succession planning
  • family constitutions, organisation of family meetings
  • advising family-run offices, banks and asset managers
  • emergency planning for the family
  • litigation, arbitration and alternative dispute resolution
  • prenuptial agreements, mortis causa dispositions (inheritance/last will and testament among other things)
  • foundation solution for corporate succession (establishment, ongoing advice)
  • corporate law design and negotiation of provisions on succession
  • reorganization of company and holding company structures to avoid problems with succession
  • restructuring in preparation of and implementation of succession planning
  • management holdings, strategic partnerships
  • sales and shareholding structures in the absence of any heirs within the family
  • notarisation of all relevant contractual agreements

We do not deal in “off the peg” solutions; our objective is always to find an innovative solution that takes account of the specific circumstances of all those involved. We structure companies and assets and develop pragmatic solutions which, on the one hand, optimise the legal, tax and economic aspects while, on the other hand, giving due consideration to the psychological aspects.

Recent Reference Projects

We regularly advise and support private individuals as well as medium-sized enterprises of all sizes on the planning and implementation of their succession. It goes without saying that confidentiality takes centre stage in the context of this sensitive issue.