Venture Capital and Start-ups

Those involved in the provision of Venture Capital are no longer focussed solely on returns. Today, the growing pressure of global digitalisation means the issue of which disruptive innovations may arise in an industry is to the fore. Simultaneously, increasingly numbers of innovative individuals are venturing into business, a development that is being met with great enthusiasm.


Start-ups aim to transform their ideas into profitable business models and grow rapidly. To ensure you enter the market successfully and are able to lay the foundations for promising growth, we help you to develop pragmatic, tailored solutions for issues such as: which legal form is best suited to our business model? Which rules need to be set down for relationships with co-founders? What protection is there against the theft of ideas with respect to trademarks, designs, sensitive know-how, programming or technical inventions? Where do liability risks lie and how can these be avoided? What do I need to take into account today, to facilitate the involvement of an investor tomorrow?

Especially during more advanced stages, we can be the strong partner by your side to help you negotiate and conclude agreements on an equal footing with large group companies and expert negotiators. If you decide to involve a new investor, we will help you find the right partner and take the necessary preparatory steps. You will benefit from our comprehensive experience with players in a diverse range of industries such as automotive, biotech, energy and machine construction. We are familiar with the complexity of motivations, can recognise potential conflicts and help you to assert your best interests. Our range of services for start-ups also encompasses inter alia:

  • comprehensive advice on the establishment of a new company, including the drafting of the requisite corporate law documentation
  • IP/IT-law issues, such as trademark and invention protection, sensitive know-how, software agreements, eCommerce, data protection and IT-security, IT-project agreements
  • employment law and distribution aspects
  • support in the search for the right partner and upholding your interests
  • drafting investment agreements, shareholder agreements, etc.
  • developing and implementing the financing structure, preparing further rounds of financing and compiling the corresponding documentation, such as convertible loans
  • exit-strategies, sales, IPOs etc.

Recent Reference Projects

  • Advising EnBW New Ventures GmbH on the expansion of its investment portfolio
  • Advising Raber + Märcker Beteiligungs GmbH on building an investment portfolio, most recently through the acquisition of shares in a software company
  • Advising Dipl. Ing. A. Jaroueh GmbH, Stuttgart, on the participation of several venture capital investors in autoaid GmbH, Berlin
  • Advising on the involvement of a venture capital investor in Boxine GmbH, Dusseldorf