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Standards are improving while the number of available properties is simultaneously decreasing, resulting in increasingly complex real estate issues. As a result, it is becoming considerably more difficult for investors and owners alike to assess and actively control the opportunities and risks involved in an investment. Our property law experts both know the requirements of the industry and understand the market, since they are involved in regular dialogue with market players, in particular as a result of our intensive work with associations. Our clients particularly value the fact that we offer the full spectrum of legal advice, with access to specialists in other areas of the law with a profound understanding of real estate issues.

Be it streets, bridges, electricity or data networks, schools or clinics - all these aspects form part of the infrastructure essential to integrate a property into the surrounding area. We advise project developers, investors, construction and planning companies, as well as public institutions, on all the legal issues involved in the realisation of real estate developments.

How can we be of assistance?

We provide an integrated advisory approach for all legal issues concerning real estate. From the property transaction, including the acquisition of construction permits and financing, to the construction phase right through to the commercial law of tenancies, we provide our clients with competent advice from a single source.

We have also been advising local authorities and regional institutions for more than 20 years on all issues relating to infrastructure improvement. This begins with the realisation of road construction projects and ends with the installation and expansion of data networks.

This comprehensive knowledge of the contexts of and legal issues involved in real estate projects forms the basis of our long-term and trusting cooperation with many of our clients.

Recent reference projects in real estate and construction

Advising a leading energy company on the structuring of electricity and gas network companies with respect to all aspects of real estate and corporate law. 

Advising a town in the state of Württemberg on the design, search for investors in and realisation of a completely new central city district.

Advising a property company on the division of a fund property in Berlin pursuant to the Condominium Property Act (approx. 200 residential and commercial units) and liquidation of the company in accordance with the Hamburg model.

Advising a company from the energy sector on construction planning, approval, property, corporate and press issues relating to the planning, approval and sale of wind energy facilities.

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