Public Sector

The roles of the public sector and its institutions are changing: cost effectiveness, efficiency, and a people-centred orientation are becoming increasingly important. No area of public sector is like any other. Ministries have different issues of importance than do city councils, and public authorities have different issues than non-profit organizations. While the specific issues encountered in individual sectors, from supply and waste removal, public transport, hospitals and care facilities or infrastructure differ in terms of the specific issues involved, they often face the same challenges, such as growing competition due to liberalisation and/or privatisation or the desire for greater state influence (renationalisation).


Our range of advisory services is aimed at public institutions and private companies that provide public services, operate infrastructure or are involved in projects concerning relevant facilities. We can help you to identify and minimise the legal risks involved, to overcome legal obstacles and to make optimum use of existing opportunities. Our objective is to realise our clients’ ideas and provide a legally secure, economically viable and solid basis for their projects. We know that in order to enjoy sustainable success, projects also need to be economically viable, as well as interesting. Therefore, we also always have an eye on the concrete means of action, value chains and the relevant business models of our clients. To ensure economic solutions, brief processing times and a high standard of advice, we create flexible interdisciplinary teams tailored to the specific requirements of the project.

Our main areas of focus include:

  • Holdings Management
  • Procurement / Bid Management
  • Compliance
  • Utilities
  • Digitalisation of the Administration
  • Fees, Charges, Taxes
  • Personnel
  • Urban Development

Recent Reference Projects

  • For over 20 years, we have been advising our clients on all legal issues relating to public service provision. We are happy to provide specific references for each individual sector.
  • We were awarded the 2012 PLATOW award for Germany’s best legal advice project 2011 for our involvement in a major public service project.