Waste Management

Menold Bezler advises on all aspects of waste management, especially promoting closed substances cycle waste management, tender of waste disposal services, implementation of waste disposal facilities, closure and after-care as well as municipal rates and generating energy from waste.

The Act for Promoting Closed Substance Cycle Waste Management

  • Waste avoidance, recovery and disposal obligations
  • Commercial collection
  • Recycling of packaging, disposal of recyclable waste

Tender of waste disposal services

  • Tender management and representation in public procurement tribunals and Higher Regional Courts
  • Drawing up waste management contracts

Implementation of waste disposal facilities, closure and after-care

  • Financial and organizational structures
  • Planning approvals and permits

Municipal rates

  • Fee structures
  • Waste and waste management fee structures
  • Litigation

Generating energy from waste

  • Use of energy generated at waste disposal facilities to supply the local or district heating networks

Key sectors for Waste Management