Product Li­ab­il­ity Law and Qual­ity As­sur­ance

Sales and procurement for producers, suppliers and retailers require ever more complex contractual arrangements, which need to take into account both the adjacent and overlapping areas of law such as German and European unfair competition law, as well as the increasing globalization of markets. We protect and optimize the sales activities of our clients by exploiting the possibilities of legal constructions in their favour, and by taking the industry and product line, as well as possible points of contention, into account. The specific requirements and economic considerations of our clients are our main priority. By drafting an optimal contract, we achieve economic benefits for our clients and avoid risks and disputes. We are constantly entrusted with the consultation of well-known companies in this field, and we have a high degree of specialization and vast experience in cross-border contracts as well.

We advise corporate clients on the advantages and disadvantages of issuing a warning or product recall for defective products. We aim to avoid both liability for the payment of compensation as well as, in particular, any criminal liability of those officers and employees responsible. We carefully consider the manner in which measures to be taken will be perceived by the outside in order to limit any injury to our clients’ reputation.

The focus of our consulting services includes:

  • obtaining necessary information such as technical, medical, economic, legal, insurance, and any further scientific opinions as needed,
  • risk analysis,
  • communicating with the relevant authorities,
  • implementing and documenting relevant measures taken,
  • defense and enforcement of product liability and damage claims, also in relation to insurance companies.

Key sectors for Product Li­ab­il­ity Law and Qual­ity As­sur­ance