Law of Suc­ces­sion

The law provides rules on intestate succession to govern the transfer upon death of all kinds of assets.

The law makes no distinction based on whether the estate comprises a single-party dwelling, a multi-party dwelling, a savings account, a portfolio of securities, a company, etc. Nor does the law of succession depend on whether the decedent was on good terms with each of the entitled heirs, or whether they had no contact whatsoever. If a company forms the estate, the law does not ask whether the heirs are in fact capable of running the company in future.

Our range of services includes, among other things:

  • Succession planning in Germany and abroad, in compliance with the European Succession Regulation
  • Succession planning by means of a will / agreement on succession; reviewing existing dispositions of property upon death
  • Provisions concerning all aspects of the execution of wills and assumption of executorship
  • The law on foundations
  • Law on compulsory portions
  • Provisions on the exclusion of succession
  • Provisions governing company succession (testate and under corporate law)
  • Renunciation of inheritance
  • Transfer of assets / gifts inter vivos or upon death
  • Power of attorney, advance directive, living will
  • Administration of the estate / distribution of the estate (in- and out-of-court)
  • Assertion of inheritance claims (compulsory portions, bequests, etc.)
  • Legal representation in disputes relating to the law of succession

Key sectors for Law of Suc­ces­sion