In­tel­lec­tual Prop­erty, Com­pet­i­tion, Copy­right and Me­dia Law

The protection of trademarks, designs, and inventions is becoming increasingly important. Awareness of their value as intangible assets is growing – yet at the same time, piracy is on the increase as a consequence of open borders and growing technical possibilities. Against this background, we support our clients with integrated solutions that cover all necessary aspects both nationally and internationally. Companies are facing increasingly fierce competition, while the possibilities of advertising are becoming more diverse, and provisions of competition law are enacted more and more on a European-wide level. You need attorneys, who are able to suggest viable alternatives instead of identifying legal risks only.

Our core competencies are:


Trademark & Design law (Non-technical IP)

We support our clients in domestically and internationally acquiring and utilizing protected intellectual property rights, e.g. in the areas of trademark and patent law, from the initial application procedures to licensing agreements. We also aid our clients in asserting and defending protected property rights to the fullest extent.

Patent Law (Technical IP)

If your patent or utility model is injured or your company is accused of such a violation, we support you in and out of court. We will help you to secure evidence and represent you in preliminary injunction proceedings as well as in patent infringements suits in front of all patent courts in Germany. In addition, we protect your interests in patent nullity suits in front of the Federal Patent Court and the Federal High Court as well as mediation and arbitration proceedings. Furthermore we assist you in the utilization and legitimate use of technical solutions and support you by designing and negotiating license agreements and give you advice on collaborations with research & development partners (research & development agreements, cooperation agreements).

Copyright Law

We draft and negotiate licencing agreements in copyright law in order to help our clients make economic use of their own or others’ works. And we advise our clients on how to proceed in cases of possible infringements.

Unfair Competition Law

We advise and represent our clients in and out of court in the areas of competition law (including drug advertising law). We review advertising and marketing concepts in their preliminary stages for permissibility under the provisions of law. Furthermore, we guard the rights of companies in relation to objections raised by third parties, and vice versa in relation to competitors acting contrary to competition law.

Media Law

In the area of media law, the core competency of our firm is supporting our clients in raising or defending against claims from asserted tortious statements.

Key sectors for In­tel­lec­tual Prop­erty, Com­pet­i­tion, Copy­right and Me­dia Law