Information Tech­no­logy and In­ter­net Law

Information technology plays an essential role in any business and is an indispensable prerequisite for participation in modern business operations. As such, advising our clients on all legal matters in the development, implementation, and use of hardware, software, and complete IT systems is one of our core competencies. This also covers IT compliance, IT security as well as protection against and dealing with cyberattacks.

Software Contracts

Compiling and reviewing individual contracts as well as general terms and conditions for the development, transfer (licensing), distribution, escrow, and maintenance of software. In addition, we assist our clients in the drafting of contractual agreements for new business models, such as application service provider (ASP) models, software as a service (SaaS), or cloud computing.

IT Project / IT Outsourcing

Support during all phases of complex IT implementation and IT outsourcing projects. These include in particular:

  • preparation and review of IT project contracts and IT and business process outsourcing contracts with service-level agreements (SLA),
  • legal project management and project controlling, support for the purchase of IT services and management of SLA violations,
  • advice on change request procedures and IT projects that have run into difficulties,
  • support and advice on public procurement in the IT sector on the basis of the German Supplementary Terms of Contract for the Procurement of IT Supplies / Services (EVB-IT) or other contract work.

IT Compliance and IT Security

Compliance with the relevant legal requirements concerning the use of information technologies in companies is one of the essential key issues of modern compliance programs. We support our clients in evaluating their vulnerabilities and potential liability risks, and advise them on the implementation of integrated IT security concepts in accordance with the relevant legal guidelines for IT, employment, and data protection.


Attacks on the IT landscape of companies are becoming more frequent and cause immense damage. Cyberattacks range from the theft of data or trade secrets to the use of malware that encrypts all data and unlocks it only after a ransom is paid. We help companies protect themselves against hacker attacks and with the right response in the event of an emergency. Due to the considerable damage potential, the question of liability avoidance is always in the foreground. This requires the best possible and professional IT security. We provide preventive support in this regard by checking and adapting existing security measures and creating an emergency plan, a so-called Incident Response Plan. If an attack occurs, we advise on the processing and preservation of evidence, on the necessary reporting obligations and on legal enforcement in the event of damage.

Internet Law, E-Commerce

The legal aspects of electronic commerce largely determine Internet law today. We assume responsibility for the legal review of our clients’ websites and draft contracts, including general terms and conditions for the creation, provision, and use of Internet services, and in particular, the operation of webshops (B2B and B2C) and other commercial platforms. Even prior to any business activities on the Internet, we support our clients in areas such as the securing, verification, transfer, and release of domain

Key sectors for Information Tech­no­logy and In­ter­net Law