Build­ing and Ar­chi­tec­tural Law

We provide tailored advice to clients on all phases of both private and public construction projects.

Private Building Law

  • drafting, reviewing, and negotiating construction contracts, (e.g. contracts pursuant to the German Construction Contract procedures, GC Agreements),
  • protecting and enforcing claims for defects,
  • premature termination of contractual agreements,
  • acceptance,
  • reviewing and negotiating supplementary requests,
  • offering comprehensive support both during and after the construction phase,
  • dispute resolution,litigation, including independent procedure of taking evidence.

Architectural / Engineering / Property Development Law

In the area of architectural / engineering and project management law, we assist our clients in particular with the following:

  • drafting, reviewing and negotiating contracts,
  • fees and liability issues,
  • verifying and monitoring copyrights,
  • property development law,
  • plant engineering,
  • company training.

Key sectors for Build­ing and Ar­chi­tec­tural Law