Bank­ing and Fin­ance Law

In the light of the events of recent years, many companies are diversifying their financing structure. In addition to syndicated loans, certificates of debt loans (Schuldscheindarlehen) and corporate bonds in particular are becoming some of the most important methods of debt financing. At the same time, banks are facing ever-increasing challenges as a result of more strigent regulatory requirements as to the contractual structure of corporate finance.

Our banking law team covers all forms of financing relevant to medium-sized companies and implements projects reliably, even within tight deadlines. Our legal services portfolio includes corporate financing by:

  • syndicated loans,
  • certificate of debt loans,
  • corporate bonds,
  • participation rights,
  • mezzanine finance transactions,
  • forfaiting,
  • sale and leaseback transactions.


Banking Supervision

  • offering advice to financial institutions and businesses on all issues concerning banking supervisory regulations,
  • representing our clients before regulatory authorities.

General Banking Law

  • advising financial institutions in the structuring of investment advisory services,
  • offering advice concerning derivatives and swaps,
  • offering advice and representation in matters of credit protection and realization of collateral,
  • drafting of pooling agreements as well as of typical and atypical securities,
  • restructuring of loans (debt-equity swaps, etc.).

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