Antitrust Law

New business models, faster innovation cycles, and cost pressures require cross-company collaboration increasingly often. Networking and collaboration offer enormous opportunities for the future. Antitrust law is increasingly affecting not only large corporations, but also medium-sized and public sector companies.

Our main areas of consulting expertise are:


Merger Control

Notification of mergers and acquisitions to the German Federal Cartel Office or the European Commission.

Cooperation between Competitors

Examining the admissibility of co-operations such as purchasing pools, and drafting research and development agreements.

Distribution Law

Structuring distribution systems and contracts in compliance with antitrust law.

Administrative Proceedings and Private Enforcement of Antitrust Law

  • representation before German and European antitrust authorities and courts in administrative and civil proceedings,
  • representation in proceedings under antitrust law for the redress of damages.

Abuse Control / Prohibitions on Discrimination

Reviewing conduct requirements for market-dominant position in order to avoid exploitative, exclusionary, or discriminatory abuse.

Compliance with Antitrust Law

Analysing potential antitrust-law risk exposure for companies, development of guidelines and instructions, developing and presenting training seminars for employees.

Key sectors for Antitrust Law