Management Consulting

Global competition has three main consequences: the financial sector is becoming increasingly complex; markets are becoming narrower and individual cost pressure is growing. All of these factors are relevant to business planning and should be incorporated into forward-planning at an early stage. The demands of banks, holding companies and other investors for regular standardised reporting are also on the rise. Our tax and consultancy services make us the ideal partner by your side to help you analyse figures and identify business potential, to optimise working processes and ultimately advance the business.

Our range of services

Your business may be established on the market now, but where will it be in three years’ time? Or in five or ten years? To be able to answer questions about the future of a business, in addition to business and performance management skills, professional planning and controlling above all is key. After all, the analysis and systematic monitoring of relevant data and figures forms the basis for successful future-oriented business planning. We bundle holistic consultancy expertise in tax advice, auditing and business consultancy to help our clients find appropriate solutions for planning an controlling processes. Here, the consolidation and planning software “LucaNet” provides greater transparency in corporate processes and facilitates structured, integrated corporate planning, especially in existing group structures. In numerous use cases, this software has been successfully installed for clients.