There is something special about working at Menold Bezler. What?

  • We uphold values such as individuality, character and fairness.
  • We rely on personal, open and direct routes of communication.
  • We promote joint action and sportsmanship even beyond the purely professional collaboration.
  • We do not believe in exaggerated formality and strict hierarchical structures because they block effective communication.
  • We do not only describe ourselves as a team, but we are really a team.

Your path to us starts with a good conversation.

Please send us your detailed application including your CV and references by email or post, or use our online application form.

Your application should be addressed to:

Stefanie Müller
- Personnel -
Rheinstahlstraße 3
70469 Stuttgart
Tel. 0711 860 40 290
Fax 0711 860 40 01

Do you want to have more information beforehand? Then read what our colleagues have to say about their experiences. You can also get to know us better by visiting our next career event.

Once we have received your application, we will contact you as soon as possible. If we are both still interested, we will invite you to come for a further talk. Lawyers are usually invited to two interviews.

In the first meeting – usually attended by the partner wishing to hire and an associate of the area of specialism concerned, as well as the Human Resources Department, we will introduce you to the firm and the position advertised. We will also discuss your career start and the development opportunities in our firm. We will also look at your resume and consider your own personal goals and characteristics. Questions about your possible starting date and salary expectations together with a tour of the business premises complete the meeting.

If the associates present at the first interview agree that you are both personally and professionally qualified for our law firm, we will then call you for a more in-depth interview. At this meeting, in addition to the partner wishing to hire and the partner responsible for Personnel, there will also be one or two partners, if possible, from other areas of specialism taking part.

We also take plenty of time for our trainees, interns, and non-legal staff (m/f). We will introduce you to our firm and the position, answer your questions and we are happy to show you around our offices.


Each new lawyer is allocated either one or two partners, who accompany you as a mentor during your career. Your mentors meet with you regularly to discuss technical issues and development opportunities within the firm.

Our "buddy program" offers additional assistance when joining: Each new attorney is assigned two experienced contact persons from other specialisms. They serve as a first point of contact and confidante beyond the daily work with clients.

To be good, you must not stop aiming to be even better. We encourage participation in external training courses and seminars, and offer a comprehensive internal training program. You can also visit both our regular English and soft-skills training courses.

Over time, many of our colleagues acquire a specialism or other additional qualifications such as a master's degree. We support you by granting special leave and we usually bear all the costs too.

We are convinced that practical experience in a different environment enriches both our personal and professional points of view and broadens our horizons. Secondments offer the opportunity to get to know other perspectives - in a friendly office abroad or in a company.

Menold Bezler has fostered a well-established network of friendly foreign firms worldwide over many years. In addition, we are members of the International Bar Association. Whether in our daily work with clients or in secondments, these international contacts are nurtured and are an important part of our firm culture. You will find more information here.

Career paths are not always predictable - we know and respect this. Our aim, therefore, is to support you in the best possible way in every phase of life. We give you time to obtain your doctorate and this is just as important for us as the designing of flexible part-time work models - even at partner level. You can read more about our range of career models and career paths.

We believe that parental leave and gainful employment are compatible – and we support this fully. Again, we offer part-time solutions both during and after parental leave. Read about all our family-friendly measures.


Forging a career at Menold Bezler is a realistic prospect. We offer you the opportunity to become a partner within our clearly defined career levels.

As an employer, we offer maximum flexibility in the choice and implementation of your career model with reasonable working hours. The weekends are usually free, and the annual holiday is there to be taken. We respect and uphold this provision.

In addition to parental leave for mothers and fathers as well as giving you time to obtain your doctorate (read more about it) we offer part-time models at all levels. This also applies to partners: We have even anchored the part-time working model in our partnership agreement. There are currently four partners working for us part-time. Flexible working time models and mobile computing make it easier for our colleagues to plan the day, because we emphasise results rather than actual attendance times. Read about our family-friendly measures here.

In addition to parental leave for mothers and fathers as well as promotional periods (read more about it here mehr). ) we offer part-time models at all levels. This also applies to partners: we have even anchored the part-time model in our partnership agreements. We currently have four partners working for us part-time. Flexible working hour models and mobile computing make it easier for our colleagues to plan their day, because we emphasise results rather than attendance times. You can read more about our family-friendly measures (we are proud of our high proportion of both women and young talent in our law firm.) We support our families through flexible working hours and part-time models: in administration through to partner level (read more here). As a firm principle of our commitment to our staff we also offer a fully equipped parent-child working area on our premises, which is both popular and fully appreciated.

In collaboration with a partner organization, we also have various models such as a childcare taxi, and childcare for employees' sick children either at home or on our premises. We support both our legal and legal support staff with a monthly subsidy for childcare costs. Family-friendly measures are also firmly anchored in our mission statement.

We were nominated as a family-friendly firm in the list of best-practice companies in KMU4Family, a project of MFG Innovation Agency Baden-Württemberg in cooperation with the Ministry of Finance and Economy.

What do our secretaries, IT staff and trainees think? You will be able to read about their views and opinions here soon.

We stay in touch! This is the motto of our AluMBni network that offers all former employees, trainees and interns the opportunity to network both with each other and with our colleagues. Members are regularly informed about news and developments in the company and are invited to meetings and events. If you so wish, we will continue as mentors for interns and trainees even after their time at Menold Bezler. We have XING and Facebook groups, where we also offer our AluMBni the opportunity to network online and to participate in group discussions. Sign up right away on aluMBni[at]